David Rushby wrote:
Gerhard H?ring wrote:
If you need [concurrent transactions] I'd suggest you switch to a
client-server database like PostgreSQL.
No need to go client/server. Embedded Firebird supports concurrent
transactions with configurable isolation levels, foreign keys, views,
stored procedures, and other features one would expect from a
full-fledged RDBMS. [...]
The included README says:

But you should be aware that you cannot access single
database from a number of the embedded servers
simultaneously, because they have SuperServer architecture
and hence exclusively lock attached databases.

So it doesn't help in a multi-process environment, either (like in CGI
scripts). But then again, CGI sucks :-P

Embedded Firebird sounds like a good solution for small *multithreaded*
application servers, though.
Plus it's fast--kinterbasdb with embedded Firebird 1.5-rc4 is about
twice as fast as pysqlite 0.4.3 in various trivial speed tests I've
That's interesting. I wonder how much of that is because of the
relatively inefficient Python wrapper over SQLite. Time to go on with my
prototype for PySQLite 0.5 :-)

-- Gerhard

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