So, for those that don't actively not-want a Python macro facility.

If we are to have it what should it do?
1) Macro definitions should allow Doc strings.
2) There should be a separate statement to import Macro definitions
from another file.
3) Existing import of a module file containing module definitions
should NOT cause the module files macros to be 'active' in the file
that is importing.
A new macro import command would be needed (or an extension of the
existing import command to say that macro(s) are also imported and
4) An (annotated) dump of macro expanded source should be made
available (by command line option).
5) It should not be the Lisp macro facility.
6) It should not be the C/C++ macro facility.
7) Macro definitions should be a distinctive new statement.
7) The scope of a macro definition should follow that of existing names

I don't have an implementation though ;-)


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