Jeff Epler wrote:
Finally, you don't explain exactly why you want this behavior,
and I'm not familiar with any common programs that do this (though the
behavior you're describing sounds a little bit like a Tk checkbutton
with indicatoron=0). You should always ask yourself if departing from
standard behavior of the OS and other applications is worth it, given
that the results are likely to confuse users.

Actually, my motivation for this is purely cosmetic. Also, I'm am still
trying to determine "best practices" for python coding. My GUI has,
among other buttons, Add and Update and Commit. This is following long
practice going back to the Informix 4GL code my project is based on. I
would like it to be apparent to the user what "mode" they are in be it
Add or Update. It's possible that I will abandon button relief in favor
of a screen label. An example: activating the Add button sets a flag
and clears the input screen. After inputing field values, the user will
activate the Commit button. This will commit values to the database.

Your explanation is very helpful, indeed. I rather expected something
like that. I have had little time, so far, to explore the internals as
I am in a desperate race to port this project to a useable interface.
If this project proves feasible I would eventually like to release it to
the community at large.

Scott Holmes http://sholmes.ws
scottholmes at sbcglobal.net

Independent Programmer/Analyst Passport 4GL
PHP HTML Composer PostgreSQL Informix 4GL, SQL
There are more things in heaven and earth, Horatio,
than are dreamt of in your philosophy

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