"Joe Cheng" <code at joecheng.com> wrote...
I want to ask you hard-core c.l.p Pythonistas: Do you use Python for
everything? (and I'm counting Python + C extensions as just Python) Or do
you keep another language equally close at hand, and if so, what is it? And
finally, do you foresee a day when Python can be, for all practical intents
and purposes, your only programming language?
At home, I use Python almost exclusively. This includes Jython from
time to time.

At work, I use whatever is needed, usually Java or C++. I haven't used
Python "officially", but it was very helpful when I had to rewrite a
couple of database tables into a different format/design. I also use
it to try out concepts.

Interactive mode/IDLE is a good replacement for a calculator too, as

And man, does Python make me lazy :) It really makes you appreciate
Guido & Co.'s work when you get back to some other language and have
to do some "basic" thing like list or dictionary manipulation.

Would I want Python to be my only language? Not really - it would be
monotonous. That's why I read at least a tutorial for a new language
from time to time.

Slightly off-topic, I went to a zoo last Saturday and saw there a huge
python that had just had its lunch. A truly terrifying sight.


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