anthony_barker at hotmail.com (Anthony_Barker) wrote:
What to you think python largest compromises are?
As everybody said, whitespace, dynamic typing and interpretedness are

One real compromise is the fact that you can't rebind an outer
variable from a
closure. That allows lexical scoping without any variable declrations
at the
price of giving up a useful ability of closures. When you do want it,
you must
either use the singleton list hack (but charactertistically, it isn't
used even
once in the standard library - I once performed an almost reliable
search), or
turn your nested function into a class just for that, which is
annoying (see
Java <wink>). It's noty impossible to fix, it will just require some
sort of "declration" (per assignment, per variable per function (like
``global``) or per
function) for the cases when you want this).

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