I'm trying to determine best practices as well as learn basic coding
syntax. I wish to open an input screen to view/enter data. The screen
also requires a menu. This is part of the code I have so far:

import Tkinter
import tkMessageBox
import Pmw
import wcgc_pg

class calendarWindow:
def __init__(self, parent):
megaToplevel = Pmw.MegaToplevel(parent, title = 'Calendar Program')
toplevel = megaToplevel.interior()
self.balloon = Pmw.Balloon(toplevel)

menuBar = Pmw.MainMenuBar(toplevel,
balloon = self.balloon)
toplevel.configure(menu = menuBar)
self.menuBar = menuBar

This is basically code taken from the Pmw demos. What I wish to
determine now is how to close this window from a menu option and/or a
button. Neither withdraw() nor deactivate() work.

Scott Holmes http://sholmes.ws
scottholmes at sbcglobal.net

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