I'm not sure what to tell you. I installed it at work on Windows 2000 Pro,
latest SP (not sure of the number, I'm writing this at home) with no
problems whatsoever. Did you try redownloading the installer - perhaps
there was a transmission error in your download. Hope you get it
installed - Python is neat.

the Moum's (Mike, Dede, Suzanne, Jeff, Kristen)
Tipp City, Ohio, USA
e-mail: mmoum at woh.rr.com

"Timothy Martens" <timfm at hawaii.rr.com> wrote in message
news:mailman.1059766289.11881.python-list at python.org...
Hi John,

We're in the same boat. I too am having trouble with the win installer.
It's just not working. This is also my first attempt(s) to install
Python. I'm running windows 2K. What version are you on?

I sent a mesage to the list earlier (subject: 2.3 win installer, "Anyone
having problems with the 2.3 win installer? I'm running win2k pro (sp4)
and the installer is freezing after the initial dialogues, just as the
install starts.") -- but haven't got any feedback. I think maybe most of
the people on the list are running Unix? Can someone help us pathetic
windows users?



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