Charles Shannon Hendrix wrote:

The problem with Python is that its use of indentation is not the same
as COBOL or FORTRAN. Apples and Oranges.

Python uses it for actually determining the logic in your program, which
IMHO is dangerous.

if <something>
<more work>
<add numbers>

Is <add numbers> part of the if statement, or did someone with different
tab settings from the author make a mistake and align it accidentally?
Well, no matter WHAT the language, I find tabs are evil little things
that introduce special cases and the need for code to handle them.
That said though, I find python block structure (sans tabs), just fine
It would be nice if tabs as indentation for Python was deprecated but
failing that, If you don't use tabs, its wonderful.

If you do try python, try not to indent with tabs, and please try it, I
did and look at me now :-)

Cheers, Pad.

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