Anthony Baxter wrote:
"Steve Holden" wrote
"Behrang Dadsetan" <ben at dadsetan.com> wrote ...
Sorry you will be getting no patch from me at the moment
since sourceforge's anonymous CVS access does not like me.

If you can figure out everything you wrote about, it can't be *that* hard to
create a sourceforge account ;-).

I assume he's referring to the Sourceforge pserver access being... ahem...
well... less than good, of late, rather than being logged in to log a
bug or patch.

I guess my english was really bad in that sentence since you are the
only who understood me :) I am trying to be respectful towards the tools
that are offered to us for free... of course I can therefore no longer
be as explicit about my actual thoughts.

I there a way for me to get a SSH CVS access?
Or will someone make/submit the patch for me?

I could of course make one based on the version of the sources I have
but I think I would get banned from here for ever if I am unlucky and
the sources changed enough :)

Thanks, Ben.

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