Skip Montanaro wrote:

Behrang> I there a way for me to get a SSH CVS access?
Behrang> Or will someone make/submit the patch for me?

Martin v. L?wis is making nightly snapshots of the CVS tree:


With that, you could create a "good enough" context diff and submit a patch
on Sourceforge.

Thanks Skip, already saw that trick.. but I actually first need some
advice from someone whether I should just fix the Lib/dospath.py and
Lib/ntpath.py with my version (to fit their actual docstring
documentation and comments) or whether I should rather patch them to
become just like Lib/posixpath.py so that they fit the "official"
(http://www.python.org/doc/current/lib/module-os.path.html) and act the
same as the rest of the implementations.

a)If I fix the dospath.py and ntpath.py with my version:
The developpers reading the docstring/comments from the source code
will be happy. Possibly update the main Library Reference documentation
on that point explaining a special behaviour of these two
implementations. Would have the benefit to theoricaly not break any code
and instead fixing magicly some...
b)If I copy posixpath.py's implementation over the dospath.py and
ntpath.py implementations:
The dos and nt implementations would fit the official documentation
but I might break some existing code of fellow python developpers
c)If I copy my implementation to all underlying platform implementations
Could be possible if everyone loves the functionality promised by
the dospath docstring, I would need to consult some other platform
specialists to see how to adapt their code and then update the main
documentation site.

I guess b would be the most reasonable to do since the promises of
dospath.expandvars docstring never actually delivered what it sayed they
would and I feel we need a standard for os.path.expandvars behaviour
with breaking the minimum of existing code.

This need for advice was the other main reason I did not even risk
myself to a patch. If you (knowing well better the procedures and
attitudes of python implementors) still believe I would only get advice
submitting patches, do you think it is alright submitting two/three
different ones? I actually hoped we could first discuss what we want to
do. Also the reason why I wrote that I was awaited the BDFL to pronounce
a decision. What would be the procedure to get him taking a decision on
this? Do I need someone to bring up the question in python-dev? (my mail
last week to python-dev got ignored or automaticly classified as spam...
not sure ;-) )


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