OK, I used Makepy on a third party .dll file, TGLLib.dll which is used
from VB to create/add to localized string files, for use in a game
(Bridge Commander, if anyone cares..)

Now, I come to import TGLLib, and it turns out that things haven't
quite worked right, if the VB Code is anything to go by. The
CoClasses don't have access to the functions that they need from the
DispatchBaseClasses, and when I tinker around a little to let them get
access, it returns

com_error: (-2147352567, 'Exception occurred.', (0, 'TGLLib', 'Type
mismatch', None, 1000013, -2146828275)

Now, I'm just a poor confused newbie at COM, so I have no idea what I
might be doing wrong, or whether it's just not a .dll that I can use
properly, or what.

If anyone has any helpful suggestions, I'd love to hear them!

Simon Withers

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