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When changing the attributes of cells (font, bg Color, etc) in an
custom wxGrid class, the cell's "Overflow" flag keeps getting reset to
However, calls to SetCellOverflow() are not doing anything
and seem to be ignored.
Do I have to override the function, since I'm
using a call inherited from wxGrid and not a wxGrid itself? If so,
how do I do that when the functionality is buried in the precompiled
I don't have this problem. Any assignment to Overflow (I mean calls to
SetOverflow) succeed and change the value of it. I am using ActivePython
2.2.2 and wxPython

You do not have to override any function you use in a derived class. When
you don't override a function, the version in base class is used. That is in
your case.

Check the version of wxPython you are running. Maybe there is already an
update? By the way, what is the meaning of this property? I couldn't find
any documentation for it. If it is not documented it might be deprecated and
removed in future versions. Don't get used to calling undocumented

Regards, Lexy.

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