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Jim Correia wrote:
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Jp Calderone wrote:
On Thu, Feb 13, 2003 at 12:12:14AM +0000, Jim Correia wrote:
When using the interactive interpreter or debugger with the Mac OS X
Terminal my arrow keys don't work as I'd expect (as they do in the
shell, gdb, etc.). Instead I get escape sequences like: ^[[A.

How do I fix this?
Enable readline support. This may be as simple as importing the
"readline" module, or as difficult as building Python from source.
At the risk of asking the obvious, where can I read about this
(importing readline) support?

Maybe I'll have to build from source - there is nothing with readline in
its name in /usr/lib./python2.2. I'm using the python binary
distribution that came with the OS install.
Make things a lot easier on yourself - go to http://fink.sourceforge.net
and install fink. Once it's installed, installing python (and a lot of
other unix utilities) is as easy as "fink install python"

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