"Mark McEahern" <marklists at mceahern.com> wrote on 2002-09-10:
Beni Cherniavsky wrote:
I was searching for a new interpolation syntax ...
<applying the brakes>

You might be interested to:

1. Checkout the PEPs for string interpolation and simple string
2. Read this thread:


3. Read the archives from Python-Dev regarding the relevant PEPs.
Read them all before (except py-dev but I dind't find much new there now).
After you do all that, you may reconsider or reframe your suggestion in
light of what has been discussed.
To tell the truth my idea looked nice while I tossed it in my head but when
I actually wrote the post I noticed that something doesn't look well...
The "Bleagh" reply said it best though perhaps a bit strongly :-)
Anyway I wanted to get feedback on how it looks to others.

As for the motivation [to answer the other posts]: I'm a happy user of
"%d" % x but I was targeting here the cases of long strings and other
reasons why PEPs 215 and 292 came to be. I didn't like (and still don't)
the idea that I need to scan string literals for _code_. Especially if I
might want to nest strings inside that code... It can confuse editors but
that's a sign it can also confuse me. I thought for a moment that I found
a nice solution but it turns out not to be nice... Still I don't like
interpolations as in the PEPs. [Never liked double quotes in perl/shell
either]. I'd rather stick to %s...

Maybe something very simple along the lines of:

subst("A template string - here: % it goes\n", foo,
"Also multiple values: %, %\n", bar, quux,
"Quoting percent (%) sings probably not needed...\n", '%')

could be useful... Yes it smells like perl formats but the
intelacing of pictures/values is really near optimal IMHO. I've just
read perl 6's plans for formats and they have hyphenation! Beat me
if I want that in a language core ;-)

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