Is your docstring longer than 200 lines?
This is from python syntax file 'vim58/syntax/python.vim'.


" This is fast but code inside triple quoted strings screws it up. It
" is impossible to fix because the only way to know if you are inside a
" triple quoted string is to start from the beginning of the file. If
" you have a fast machine you can try uncommenting the "sync minlines"
" and commenting out the rest.
syn sync match pythonSync grouphere NONE "):$"
syn sync maxlines 0
"syn sync minlines 00


Inyeol Lee

hwlgw at hotmail.com (Will Stuyvesant) wrote in message news:<cb035744.0208090121.796fab82 at posting.google.com>...
"""So you want to document things huh?

When source files get bigger and you put a big docstring at the top
gvim (and vim) makes a mess of the syntax coloring, making mistakes
all over the file in what is code and what are comments. Does anybody
have a good .vimrc file that does not have this problem? Or a
python.vim file that you can just paste into the .vimrc?


also using ''' instead of """ does not help :-)

A CONS is an object which cares.
-- Bernie Greenberg.

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