Actually, filename completion is available under Windows 2000 as well, and
maybe other versions. You just have to set a registry entry, or start it
with something like cmd.exe /F. If you search M$'s site, you can find the
knowledge base article. And the command window has always been resizable.

Will Stuyvesant wrote:
Windows XP
The new Windows XP comes with an improved console box that
is actually usable (resizable, filename completion,
command history, huge window scrollback you can set) so
now you can have a productive way of working from a
console box like I used to do with linux, with an editor
of choice like gvim (
ftp://ftp.vim.org/pub/vim/pc/gvim61.exe ). On the bad
side of Windows XP is the stability, I had several crashes
already, having to cut the computer power to get out, even
their CTRL-ALT-DEL did not work anymore. This is
something you are not used to when you come from linux.

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