"Emile van Sebille" <emile at fenx.com> wrote in message news:<l8pX8.154754$Uu2.34782 at sccrnsc03>...
I have a question about clients (on windows) uploading Excel
spreadsheets (.xls) to a unix server. These spreadsheets contain
information that wil be used to store and update a database. I need to
be able to safely pass the information in the spreadsheet so that I
can parse it and update accordingly. However, when I upload through my
web page, the text that once was a nicely formatted excel spreadsheet
becomes jarbled and illegible. Passing the information (presumably
through a large string) messes it up understandably as there are text
format issues and such. I've explored such things as the COM and
win32com modules but am a little hesitant as my CGI script is not
operating on a windows platform. I'm using Python 2.2. Can someone
point me in the right direction? Thanks!
The easy answer is to save in excel as tab delimited output and upload

Maybe someone else knows an easy answer to the hard answer? ;-)
Are you sure there isn't any FTP going on here, FTP has ASCII and
BINARY transfer systems, if you use the ASCII one on a BINARY file, it
will fry it.


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