On Sat, 02 Mar 2002 00:22:58 GMT, mats at laplaza.org (Mats Wichmann) wrote:
Note: this is not a Python question per se.

I'm looking for a piece of software to aid in reviewing a document
through the web - click on a paragraph tag, have the comment added
(highlighted in some way). The wiki style doesn't seem to quite do it,
as the core document is not protected. I haven't found much in web
searches, and nothing where the software seems to be free.

I'd of course love it if this were done through Python since I'm on a
bit of an advocacy kick...but in the end it doesn't matter much.
Anybody know if anything like this is happening in any of the web
services projects?
If it doesn't have to be too slick, I think you could write relatively
simple cgi to do it, depending on what you mean by "document".
Also, with a small collection of doc text pages and a few occasional
user/reviewers you could get away with something that wouldn't scale
to a massive online catalog with graphics layout and thousands of reviewers.

I've thought it would be nice to have something like that for collaborating
on documentation and/or maybe PEPs.

What kind of docs are you dealing with?

Bengt Richter

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