On Fri, 01 Mar 2002 18:52:42 -0800, Wayne Pierce wrote:

:Mats Wichmann wrote:
:> Note: this is not a Python question per se.
:> I'm looking for a piece of software to aid in reviewing a document
:> through the web - click on a paragraph tag, have the comment added
:> (highlighted in some way). The wiki style doesn't seem to quite do it,
:> as the core document is not protected. I haven't found much in web
:> searches, and nothing where the software seems to be free.
:If Wiki allowed for password protection would it fit your requirements?

Not really. A Wiki works on the model that everyone is the editor; the
model that I need to operate on is a single editor, many reviewers.

:Something like Zope's CMF Workflow[2] might also be a good fit....then
:there's OpenFlow[3] (also running on Zope :).

My understanding of Zope is limited, but it might provide the
facilities needed, yes.

Here's an implementation that's "almost there":


The thing I want (that I've seen in private in-house implementations)
is a view that shows the original document and the comment in a single
view, here you have to click to get the comments.

I can envision a scheme where a document is broken into objects that
can be commented on, and on presentation a document object can be
displayed togther with its' associated comment objects. Sound like
something Zope could facilitate?



Mats Wichmann

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