Dan Parisien wrote:

I have more info. It is a thread problem. The program is a socket server
with a custom crypto module. I launch a thread to start the main loop to
listen for new connections. For each new connection, I launch a new thread
that handles that connection. In that thread I try and call a method from
my crypto module and I get the error in the subject.

If I do not use a thread for the server loop, it does not give the error.
The method is called fine, the data decrypted, then unpickled and life is
good. There is a problem however... I have no ____ing clue why that
happens. Does anyone in python devel know what triggers that error msg?


Ack! Help!

Anyone ever seen this? I am trying to call the method of a class instance
and it dies with the message in the subject.

I placed debug statements everywhere and it doesn't seem to even touch the
called code! It dies while calling the code...

Anyone know what's up? I am using threads and I think that is the problem
but it is still one of the weirdest things.

Also, with digital creations now hosting python and all that, do you think
they will create a better navigatable site for python.org? I'm up for hire
to do it myself if no one has time :) The point is the site search engine
doesn't work at all and I was trying to look for help on this subject...
There is a LOT of info on the site, but I can't seem to find any help
whenever I have a problem...

dan at eevolved.com

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