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On 2/3/00, 6:59:02 AM, "Damian Dobroczy?ski" <dd at ar-kari.put.poznan.pl>
wrote regarding TKinter on Win98 and os.popen :

Problem description:
import os
f = os.popen('python -c "print 1"','r')
on Win98 Python in IDLE shell ends up with exception:
"Traceback (innermost last):
File "<pyshell#1>", line 1, in ?
f = os.popen('python -c "print 1"','r')
OSError: (0, 'Error')"
Other 'popens' with other commands also fails. Is it normal behaviour when
using Tkinter mod?
This one's in the faq. It's a bug on win9x with the popen command.
On win9x, popen expects a console to redirect i/o to. In idle and
Tkinter, there is no console open. I spent about two days beating my
head against this on, before i realized it wasn't my fault <0.1wink>.
The faq sugests some fixes, but i just started using os.system and
redirecting to/from a file. Which is ugly, but that's win32 for you.
The microsoft site also has some info about this.
David Fisher

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