On 10.09.2015 17:36, Nick Coghlan wrote:
This perspective doesn't grant enough credit to the significance of C
in general, and the C ABI in particular, in the overall computing
landscape. While a lot of folks have put a lot of work into making it
possible to write software without needing to learn the details of
what's happening at the machine level, it's still the case that the
*one* language binding interface that *every* language runtime ends up
including is being able to load and run C libraries.

Ah, now I understand. We need to add {} to C. That'll make it, right? ;)

Seriously, there are also other significant influences that fit better
here: template engines. I know a couple of them using {} in some sense
or another. C format strings are just one of them, so I wouldn't stress
the significance of C that hard *in that particular instance*. There are
other areas where C has its strengths.

P.S. It's also worth remembering than many Pythonistas, including
members of the core development team, happily switch between
programming languages according to the task at hand. Python can still
be our *preferred* language without becoming the *only* language we
use :)

I hope everybody on this list knows that.:)

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