Hi there,

My 2.5 year old offer to retrofit the old codebase with a new search
system still stands[1]. :) There is no reason for this to be a complex
affair, the prototype built back then took only a few hours to complete.

No doubt the long term answer is probably "Warehouse fixes this", but
Warehouse seems no nearer a reality than it did in 2013.


[1] https://groups.google.com/forum/#!search/%22david$20wilson%22$20search$20pypi/pypa-dev/ZjUNkczsKos/2et8926YOQYJ

On Thu, Sep 10, 2015 at 12:35:04AM +0200, Giovanni Cannata wrote:
Hi, sorry to bother you again, but the search problem on PyPI is still present
after different weeks and it's very annoying. I've just released a new version
of my ldap3 project and it doesn't show up when searching with its name. For
mine (and I suppose for other emerging project, especially related to Python 3)
it's vital to be easily found by other developers that use pip and PyPI as THE
only repository for python packages and using the number of download as a
ranking of popularity of a project.

If search can't be fixed there should be at least a warning on the PyPI
homepage to let users know that search is broken and that using Google for
searching could help to find more packages.

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