On Wed, Sep 9, 2015 at 3:08 AM, Laxmikant Chitare wrote:

It is really nice, motivating and encouraging to see people contribute to
community in spite of the work load. "Thank you" is just not enough to
appreciate your efforts. I have been programming in Python for quite some
time and I am loving it more as days pass by. I have been thinking of
contributing to the community but not sure how and where to start. Of course
my employer will never allow me do this as paid time, but I can take out
about an hour a day on my own. Can someone guide me how can I utilize this
time for the community?

Pick up something that I keep telling myself I'll do more of, and
never seem to do a significant amount of: read through
http://bugs.python.org/ and confirm the unconfirmed, or check that
patches are working correctly, or add patches to things that
definitely need them. Even if you don't know C, there are plenty of
places where you could do that; large slabs of the standard library
are written in Python, and the docs are in a straight-forward markup
language, so docs patches basically just require knowledge of English.


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