Am 15.05.14 16:20, schrieb Skip Montanaro:
On Thu, May 15, 2014 at 8:26 AM, Antoine Pitrou wrote:
We already have such buildbots, they are in the "unstable" category.
You can browse through existing buildbots here:
I can't see how to distinguish "stable" from "unstable" (or to view
just the "unstable" category. What do those two categories have to do
with "supported" and "unsupported"?

There are two competing definitions of "stable" vs. "unstable" when it
comes to buildbots.

1. "stable buildbot" (my preferred definition)
    * the buildbot is available most of the time, an operator will deal
      with it when it happens to go down, and the builds always complete.
    * consequentially, an unstable buildbot is one that tends to
      disconnect, and takes a long time for the operator to recover
2. "stable platform"
    * all tests are expected to pass all the time; i.e. there are no
      tests that randomly fail, and no platform-specific failures
    * thus, a failed test is an indication that a new bug has been

When Antoine talked about "unofficial" buildbots, he was referring to
the fact that we accept nearly any buildbot offered, but put them into
the unstable category, which they often belong to by either definition
of unstable.


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