On Fri, Jun 05, 1998 at 08:11:43PM -0400, Corbett J. Klempay wrote:
Does Mailman 1.0b4 play nicely with qmail 1.02? I'm wondering about
installing 1.0b4 on a qmail machine, and didn't know if they got along...
In terms of message delivery, Mailman will have no problems with
qmail, since it talks to port 25 instead of calling sendmail directly.
However, the aliases that get generated are for Sendmail and
compatibles, which is essentially every MTA except Qmail.

I also suspect that a mail gid wouldn't be needed (it seems to me
qmail does a setuid and setgid to the user before calling any
programs). Thus, the C wrapper wouldn't be necessary. However, it
might be, in which case, we definitely wouldn't be detecting the right

However, I would like to support qmail, and perhaps make it generate
the right aliases, etc. I'd like to see qmail users do:

./configure --with-qmail

or something like that.

So if you're willing to tackle the alias and GID issue, qmail should
work. We'd definitely like to hear what is necessary to get it
working, and I'd be willing to help out in any way I could on that

Oh, now that I'm thinking about it, I was assuming that qmail would be
run kto use user aliases, which would mean all your mailing lists
would have to start with "mailman", I think. I am sure it also has a
system mode, but again that would require access to the system aliases
and the wrapper script. I think Mailman + qmail should be
configurable so that you can run it either way.


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