Ian Prietz wrote:
I was researching some things on Mailman. I am a new user. We have it available via a control panel through our host, so I do not have access to logs or anything of that nature.

I have a similar question that many have asked. How do you get Mailman to send all bounce notices to the list owner? I found a perfect response to my question in the link below. I am just looking for some more clarification on what would happen if I went with option 2 (re: aliases)

http://www.mail-archive.com/mailman-users at python.org/msg53750.html

1. How would I go about doing this?

You don't have the access required to do any of the things mentioned in
that post other than option 1.

2. Will that change the way that Mailman functions as a whole...what exactly does it do?

If you were able to do it, option 2 sends the bounce notices to the
list owner and thus, Mailman is unable to process bounces because
Mailman doesn't receive them. It then becomes incumbent on the list
owner to react to the bounces appropriately.

3. I also received the same advice from the help desk at my host/provider, re: changing the bounce score threshhold, that way I am definitely made aware when something happens, and for the sake of simplicity, that may be the way that I go.

See 1. above.

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