so if it's not 5xx it's not a bad email? i see dsn=4.0.0. that's not

i'm assuming it's retried by the mta. the settings in mailman clearly
state that it should be discarded right away...

bounce settings:

bounce_score_threshold = 1.0
bounce_info_stale_after = 10
bounce_you_are_disabled_warnings = 0
bounce_you_are_disabled_warnings_interval = 0

not sure about the bounce_info_stale_after. the way i interpret this is
that the bounce information will be kept for about 10 days in case the
score rises. if i put this down to zero the score will start clean every
day. is that correct? or is this the reason for the repeated log entries
- lots of to=<vvv at zzzzzz.com> attempts...

here, from the maillog:
to=<vvv at zzzzzz.com>, delay:42:23, xdelay�:00:00, mailer=esmtp,
prix5918, relay=zzzzzz.com., dsn=4.0.0, statÞferred: Name server:
zzzzzz.com.: host
name lookup failure


Mark Sapiro wrote:
kalin m wrote:
hi there... wondering if fake email addresses in a mailman list can get
cleaned up with the bounces options. just testing with one and the mail
log says (correctly) it could not resolve the host. is this considered a
hard bounce by mailman?!

Is it considered a hard bounce by your MTA? I.e. is it a 5xx or a 4xx
status. That's what determines whether Mailman consideres it a bounce
or not.

i have enabled the bounce processing, the
maximum bounce score is 1.0, the bounce_you_are_disabled_warnings are
set to 0 expecting immediate removal. now that i sent a couple of test
messages out that fake address is still in the members list. what needs
to happened?

Your MTA needs to return a 5xx for the recipient to Mailman during SMTP
or to send a 5xx DSN to listname-bounces.

Is the message still queued and being retried in the MTA, or is it
still being retried by Mailman?

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