Fitzpatrick, Ted wrote:
A hacker recently broadcast email to a discussion list by setting the "from:" header to be the name of the list, e.g., listname at emaildomainname.ca.gov<mailto:listname at emaildomainname.ca.gov>

What's the best way to resolve this issue? If I block incoming email from this address, will that interfere with Mailman's normal operations?

The real question is why was this message accepted? What is the list
setting for generic_nonmember_action? What is in

The listname itself should not be a member of the list, thus a post
From: listname would normally be a non-member post unless there was
also a Reply-To: or Sender: header with a list member address or the
envelope sender address was a list member.

Find the message in Mailman's
archives/private/LISTNAME.mbox/LISTNAME.mbox file. This will show you
the original envelope sender in the "From " separator. Assuming the
list is not anonymous, it will also have the original Sender: header
if any and if the list doesn't mung Reply-To: it will have the
original Reply-To: if any.

Hopefully that information will enable you to see why the post was

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