So I go in and manually gzip the
<listname>.mbox/<listname>.mbox file, but that doesn't stop
the growth.
- Sandi
Forgive me if I'm barking up the wrong sequoia here...

Do you mean that even though you've archived your files the amount of
filespace is still above 90%?

If so, that could be because the Mailman processes themselves are
holding the location of the ends of the files so that it can write to
them. It "may" be holding files open so that it can continuously write
to them as and when it needs to.

As such, even if you reduced the actual file length to zero bytes then a
process would be holding open an X megabyte image of the file so the O/S
would see it as X megabytes in use.

I'd suggest arranging a little downtime and using the startup script,
shutdown Mailman and then start it up again. This should only need a
minute or two at the most. It should cause the various qrunner processes
to close any files they may have open and then re-open them. This may
"reclaim" the unused space that is marked as "in use" but isnt.

Steff Watkins
[What? No footer containg amusing quotes from HHGTTG?]

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