I have a question about the best way to clean up a special list I use
with Mailman...

The list in question - call it 'valid-senders' - is only used to provide
a list of 'valid senders' that are allowed to post to other internal
lists we use. It is always set to 'Emergency Moderation' so they never
get any mail, except for bounce notifications and such (the other two
lists have size limits, etc).

The only members of these other lists are our own users (Sales Reps),
and they both have '@valid-senders' in the 'List of non-member addresses
whose postings should be automatically accepted' box.

The problem is, I know there have got to be a lot of addresses in the
'valid-senders' list that are no longer good - these are Sales Reps (NOT
ours) for Vendors we work with, and they can have a bit of turnover - so
what I'd like to do is clean the list up periodically. They are informed
that they may receive periodic emails like this when I send them the
welcome message after adding them, but I've never actually sent one yet.

I was thinking I would simply:

1. Disable 'Emergency Moderation',

2. Send an email to the list members, informing them that I am cleaning
up our lists,

3. Re-enable 'Emergency Moderation',

4. Watch for bounces and remove the bad addresses

Is this the best way to do something like this?


Best regards,


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