Mark Sapiro wrote:
How do I get the list of members in list, number of members, the
admin interface provides page by page or filter by name.
I have been playing with your script referenced in that faq.

I note "Tested with the Mailman 2.1.5 - 2.1.8 member roster layout.". I
assume those releases's web page layouts as well.

Here is the admin URI that works for me (real list and server name xxxed
and yyyed):


Command line as I think should have worked:

mailman-subscribers.py --url_path /admin.cgi lists.xxxx.net
yyyy-xxxx.net listpswd

(watch out for line break)

I made changes to get it to work with 2.1.9 (Dreamhost's release),
changing the server string and the letters variable (hardcoding the
entire alphabet into it).

Can you say if the changes I had to make as described below due to 2.1.9
differences or Dreamhost-monkeying-with-it differences?

1. From the usage, it seemed that '--url_path /admin.cgi' was literally
~ correct for me but the string it constructed was wrong and when I hard
coded my uri:
- --line of code follows:
member_url = 'http://lists.xxxx.net/admin.cgi/yyyy-xxxx.net/members'
- --end
it works as expected.

2. The script had problems finding all the letters - it only processed
the first one present in the membership list. This sloppy change just
before the while loop that gets the chunks worked:
- --line of code follows:
- --end

My changes are hard coded since I am such a lazy weak Pythonist,
otherwise I am happy to share.

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