Does one really need root privileges to install mailman?
BK> Yup.

I see. See ya. Bye.

SJT> You could probably make it "work" more or less, but to make things
SJT> secure you do need root privileges.
Is the above neglecting a fundamental principle?
SJT> Yes. Security. If your host allows you to do such things, I strongly
SJT> suggest you find one who won't. ;-)

My mom just spent $400 for me for 5 years at Dreamhost. What's the
worst that could happen? All the files on my account getting deleted?
No problem, I'll just put mailman on a different one of my unlimited
shell users. Now of course clogging the mail system for others would
not be acceptable.

Anyway it seems mailman is complicated enough to just use the web half
that Dreamhost allows, as ask their support staff to fix things I
can't reach.

Imagine me not being to stop bad bots via .htaccess.
Imagine all mail going straight to the moderator queue with no
.procmail etc. filtering. That is what I'm worried about with only web

BK> This is an open source project, maintained entirely by volunteers
Never mind, I'll try the competition.
$ w3m -dump http://www.sympa.org/|grep Sorry
Sorry, you don't have enough rights to continue. Perhaps you forgot to login?

OK, looks I'm stuck with you guys.
BK> You're welcome to join the translation team, if you like.
My expertise is in just reporting lots of minor bugs.

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