Today I had a nearby (and rare) MTA problem that caused a lot of emails to
bounce. Unfortunately, Mailman bounce processing removed almost everyone
from two lists.

These lists get very little traffic. A month or so ago I changed the
bounce_score_threshold and bounce_info_stale_after settings from 5.0 and 7
to 2.0 and 30. Even though many more days than 30 have passed since the last
bounce from almost all on the list, when the bounces happened today they
were all removed for excessive bounces.

I checked the bounce log and found entries like these:

May 17 12:05:16 2007 (11340) listname: mail at addr current bounce score:
Dec 06 09:00:17 2007 (13831) listname: mail at addr disabling due to bounce
score 4.0 >= 2.0

For the same member address, these are the relevant entries in the log.
Notice that the last bounce action was way back in May. No stale bounce
processing has occurred.

For what it's worth, I had a spam filter issue back in May that caused many
members to run up a bounce score of 4.0. I resolved the problem and haven't
had any bounces for most members since that time until today.

As a band-aid, I have re-enabled all the members and changed the bounce
settings back to 5.0 and 7. Even so, I'm afraid all members with a score of
4.0 back in May will be unsubscribed again on the next bounce.

Two questions:
1. Why isn't stale bounce processing resetting the scores for these members?
2. Is there a way I can force all the scores to be reset now?

David Buntin

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