I must confess that it has been, well, years since I've used
sendmail, and I guess things have changed in the meantime. Apparently
there's this new sendmail.mc file? :-) Seriously though, I'm having
difficulty getting sendmail (8.13.1) and Mailman (2.1.9) to play nice
under RHEL 4.

I have a new server called bingham.testing.bowdoin.edu, which has a
CNAME in DNS so that newlists.bowdoin.edu points to
bingham.testing.bowdoin.edu. Because bingham will do other things
than just Mailman, I wanted this flexibility. I compiled Mailman
with --with-mailhost=newlists.bowdoin.edu and --with-
urlhost=newlists.bowdoin.edu so that I can make as few changes to
mm_cfg.py as necessary.

So, I'll create a list called "testing" on the machine that is
bingham.testing.bowdoin.edu (but Mailman believes it's
newlists.bowdoin.edu). I can email testing at newlists.bowdoin.edu and
subscribe myself to the list and post to the list successfully.
However, when I click "Reply" to a message posted to the testing
list, the email address displayed is
testing at bingham.testing.bowdoin.edu instead of
testing at newlists.bowdoin.edu.

I presume that this is a sendmail problem. I've added
"newlists.bowdoin.edu" to /etc/mail/local-host-names but that didn't
fix the issue. I've also tried setting "MASQUERADE_AS
(`newlists.bowdoin.edu')dnl" but that didn't have the result I
wanted, either. Could someone please help me out? Let me know if you
need more information from my sendmail.mc and I'll gladly provide it.



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