This is what I've come to suspect as well (that the incoming MTA is doing
the rewriting.) With SMTPDirect.py it is easy to log the output of Mailman.
Is there an equivalent way to log the input before any processing of the
incoming mail has been performed?

I'm using sendmail as my MTA. I know this is beyond Mailman, but do you know
if there is an easy way to get sendmail to log its output to Mailman??

I am using a CNAME DNS alias for subdomain.domain.com. I've tried using a MX
record without luck. I'll try again and take it up the issues with my server

Thanks again for your help,

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Mark Sapiro wrote:
I don't think the problem is in Mailman. I think your incoming MTA is
rewriting these headers in the inbound message.

Or maybe the MTA sending to Mailman is doing the rewriting.

FAQ 6.22
although written with outgoing messages in mind, may provide some
insight to this.

The bottom line is in DNS, subdomain.domain.com must not have a CNAME.
It must have an A record or an MX record with the name of a domain
with an A record.

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San Francisco Bay Area, California better use your sense - B. Dylan

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