I'm a newbie to Mailman. I've read through the archives and seen many posts
around this topic. None of the threads seem to fit my problem. The solution
may be there, but perhaps I just can't see it. I apologize if it is.

Here's my problem with details changed to keep it generic:

- I have a server at www.domain.com <http://www.domain.com/> and host a
list with address list1 at domain.com.

- I have configured a subdomain for a customer at www.subdomain.domain.com
<http://www.subdomain.domain.com/> and host a list for that customer with
address list2 at subdomain.domain.com.

- I configured a Mailman virtual host per all the instructions and advice.
It works great with one exception.

- The "To:" field in all mail forwarded by Mailman from subdomain.domain.com
appears as list2 at domain.com. <--notice the "subdomain" has been omitted.

- Upon closer inspection of the email headers, it appears the subdomain is
also omitted from the "Return-Path:", "Sender:", and "Errors-To:" fields as

I've tweaked the log messages generated by SMTPDirect to also log the "To"
field and see that the subdomain is omitted in the log message as well.

I'm using Mailman 2.1.9.

Can anyone help me with this problem??


David Buntin

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