Hi Mark,

Thank you for your advice and I will certainly look into what postfix
is doing. In addition, I'll try your suggestion to run postalias to
see if that corrects the problem. I've now had 3 more lists become
undeliverable. They are all in the /var/mailman/data/alias file, so
I'll keep digging.

The other thing that troubles me is that I can't figure out why lists
are loosing members. When the mailserver bounced tuesday, users
added several days beforehand disappeared from the list. The users
were re-added, only for the problem to reoccur after a server
restart. I should point out this isn't occurring with the lists that
became undeliverable, maybe it's a coincidence, and the 2 are unrelated.

I'll update the list with what I find - and thank you again for
taking the time help me.


On Aug 2, 2007, at 6:40 PM, Mark Sapiro wrote:

carconni wrote:
I've just been updated by more of the users/list admins. It seems
that every-time the mail-server bounces/restarts, configurations are
lost. Members fall off lists, lists stop running, or are no longer
recognized by the mail server. Is there a central DB or something
that is rolling back to an earlier version?

Could be, but it is pretty clear to me that the problem is with your
MTA, not with mailman. Since your MTA is Postfix, and delivery is via
aliases, this can't be a Mailman (other than aliases) issue because
the mail is being bounced by Postfix because "Recipient address
rejected: User unknown in local recipient table" which means that
somehow the aliases for this list are being lost.

When the problem occurs, are the aliases still in
/var/mailman/data/aliases? What is the mod time on
/var/mailman/data/aliases.db? Are all the list's (working and
non-working) aliases in /var/mailman/data/aliases and nowhere else (eg
/etc/postfix/lmail/company.aliases or /etc/aliases)?

I have spent the better part of 6 hours looking for a reason. I've
checked permissions, not just with checkperms but manually, step by
step, directory by directory comparing the broken list to a list
is known to be working.

Nothing in Mailman is causing this. It is postfix that 'forgets'
how to
deliver to qvc-requests at mail.mailserver.com. Apparently deleting and
recreating the list fixes the problem because it runs Postfix's
/usr/sbin/postalias command abd rebuilds /var/mailman/data/aliases.db
from /var/mailman/data/aliases. Probably just running postalias would
fix it too without the pain of recreating the list.

<stuff not relevant to the issue snipped>
I've checked the alias file in /var/mailman/data/aliases:
(Everything looks ok)

# STANZA START: qvc-requests
# CREATED: Wed Aug 1 09:09:12 2007
qvc-requests: "|/usr/share/mailman/mail/mailman post
qvc-requests-admin: "|/usr/share/mailman/mail/mailman admin
qvc-requests-bounces: "|/usr/share/mailman/mail/mailman bounces
qvc-requests-confirm: "|/usr/share/mailman/mail/mailman confirm
qvc-requests-join: "|/usr/share/mailman/mail/mailman join
qvc-requests-leave: "|/usr/share/mailman/mail/mailman leave
qvc-requests-owner: "|/usr/share/mailman/mail/mailman owner
qvc-requests-request: "|/usr/share/mailman/mail/mailman request
qvc-requests-subscribe: "|/usr/share/mailman/mail/mailman
qvc-requests-unsubscribe: "|/usr/share/mailman/mail/mailman
unsubscribe qvc-requests"
# STANZA END: qvc-requests

I've checked locks: - nothing regarding this list there.

Mailman locks aren't relevant to this.

main.cf shows: alias_maps = hash:/etc/postfix/lmail/

Looks OK to me, but I'm not a postfix guy?

Where else can I check?
Something is happening when Postfix is restarted that is causing this,
but I don't know what or why. I'm guessing the
/var/mailman/data/aliases.db file gets modified somehow using data
other than that in /var/mailman/data/aliases, but I have no idea how
this can happen.

But, I can tell you, look to Postfix, not Mailman. Other than
/var/mailman/data/aliases*, there's nothing in Mailman that's relevant
to this issue.

Mark Sapiro <msapiro at value.net> The highway is for gamblers,
San Francisco Bay Area, California better use your sense - B. Dylan

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