Brandon Sussman wrote:
Can a copyright notice containing the sender's name be automatically placed in
regular mailman list messages?

Not really. You could put the notice in msg_header or msg_footer, but
even if the list is personalized, the sender is not one of the
available substitutions for these (It could be added by modifying the
code in Mailman/Handlers/Decorate.py).

Even if you modified the code on Decorate.py to enable a substitution
for the sender in the header and footer, it wouldn't appear in the
digest version of the message.

I think I would do this with a generic sort of header/footer along the
lines of "posts to this list are copyright by the poster..." and
"mesages in this digest are copyright by the individual posters...".

If you reall want a notice with the poster explicitly named in the
notice, I suggest a custom handler (see <>) that would add the notice
to the message body (or as a separate part as done by Decorate.py for
message bodies that can't easily be added to). This way, the notice
would also appear in each message in the digest (unless it was a
separate part and scrubbed).

However, is this even a good idea at all. What if I post something
which includes significant material quoted from someone elses post and
I don't preserve the copyright from that post. Or I do preserve the
copyrights from the quoted material, but the attributions aren't
clear. I foresee a post with material from several authors and
multiple copyright notices with no clear identification of what is
copyright by whom.

Mark Sapiro <msapiro at value.net> The highway is for gamblers,
San Francisco Bay Area, California better use your sense - B. Dylan

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