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Brandon Sussman wrote:
Can a copyright notice containing the sender's name be
automatically placed in
regular mailman list messages?
However, is this even a good idea at all. What if I post something
which includes significant material quoted from someone elses post and
I don't preserve the copyright from that post. Or I do preserve the
copyrights from the quoted material, but the attributions aren't
clear. I foresee a post with material from several authors and
multiple copyright notices with no clear identification of what is
copyright by whom.
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I've got to agree with Mark, I think it very quickly becomes
problematic to do this. It's very common for attributions to get
mixed up or be ambiguous in replies, especially in long discussion threads.

If somebody is truly concerned about their own copyright protection,
that person should be making such a disclaimer on their own as part
of their post and such a disclaimer should take a form something like:

"Except where otherwise indicated, all material in this post is
copyright <current year> <poster's name>, all rights reserved."

The problem with this is that the poster using it must be extremely
careful to ensure that all quoted material is indicated unambiguously
as being not under the copyright notice.

It's fraught with all sorts of legal implications if it is not done correctly.


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