I'm using postfix with mailman and I can't post mail to the mailing list.
I can subscribe to a list, both I and the owner of the mailing list get
an email notifications. But I do not receive email when
posting to any of the mailing list that I created.

I've checked the duplication email option on the admin interface are
unchecked. Error message in /var/log/maillog:

Dec 3 16:44:25 portal spamd[2960]: prefork: child states: II
Dec 3 16:44:25 portal postfix/pipe[6362]: 95A5629A96:
to=<jnguyen at ncmir.ucsd.edu>, relay=spamfilter, delay=1, status=sent (dummy)
Dec 3 16:44:25 portal postfix/qmgr[14320]: 95A5629A96: removed
Dec 3 16:44:25 portal postfix/pickup[14319]: 8C9A929B4D: uidR0
from=<portal-bounces at nbirn.net>
Dec 3 16:44:25 portal postfix/cleanup[6361]: 8C9A929B4D:
message-id=<mailman.0.1165193063.6124.portal at nbirn.net>
Dec 3 16:44:25 portal postfix/qmgr[14320]: 8C9A929B4D:
from=<portal-bounces at nbirn.net>, size!94, nrcpt=1 (queue active)
Dec 3 16:44:25 portal postfix/smtp[6370]: 8C9A929B4D:
to=<jnguyen at ncmir.ucsd.edu>, relay=bigiron.ucsd.edu[],
delay=0, status=sent (250 ok: Message 1826098 accepted)
Dec 3 16:44:25 portal postfix/qmgr[14320]: 8C9A929B4D: removed

I used to were able to post to list, but after I changed the
DEFAULT_EMAIL_HOST to not to be the same as my DEFAULT_URL_HOST, it
stopped working.
The entry in my /usr/local/mailman/Mailman is:

MTA = 'Postfix'

SMTPHOST = 'localhost'
POSTFIX_ALIAS_CMD = '/usr/sbin/postalias'
POSTFIX_MAP_CMD = '/usr/sbin/postmap'

DEFAULT_EMAIL_HOST = 'nbirn.net'
DEFAULT_URL_HOST = 'portal.nbirn.net'


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