At 3:31 PM -0700 2006-09-06, Nerses Ohanyan wrote:

I have a python script that can process an ascii text file, but I want
to run this script for one of my mailing lists, so that it processes
the e-mail message (the script populates my database). Where can I
find help with details about writing python scripts to be inserted in
a mailing list pipeline.
You're looking for a custom handler. Unfortunately, there don't
appear to be any FAQs addressing this issue, but I do know that this
subject has been discussed many times on the mailman-users and
mailman-developers lists, so you should search the archives.

When you find posts that provide the information you need, please
feel free to create a suitable entry for the subject in the
community-supported FAQ Wizard.

Brad Knowles, <brad at>

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