Hello again,

Thanks for the support :-)

I finally have put together a set of commands which do a great job for me:

from Mailman import mm_cfg
from Mailman.UserDesc import UserDesc
from Mailman import MemberAdaptor
userdesc = UserDesc()
userdesc.address = "<e-mail address>"
m.ApprovedAddMember(userdesc, ack=False, admin_notif=False)
m.setMemberOption("<e-mail address>", mm_cfg.Moderate, False)
m.setMemberOption("<e-mail address>", mm_cfg.AcknowledgePosts, False)
m.setDeliveryStatus("<e-mail address>", MemberAdaptor.BYADMIN)

(note that I had to replace "mlist" by "m", which is the default
variable in my version, and "UserDesc" needs a capital D)

But...that still isn't a batch script. I have to enter (/paste) this
list of commands into the withlist console.

Isn't there something like a shell script for the withlist console? It
would really be cool to be able to apply those commands to all lists at
once, or, at least, to a particular list using a single command.

Best regards,


However, a much simpler approach for all but disabling delivery would
be with a shell script, for each list run 'bin/config_list' to set
new_member_options and default_member_moderation as desired, then
'bin/add_members' to add the members and finally bin/config_list to
set the list back.

Next time ... :-)

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