John W. Baxter wrote:
On 5/20/06 4:46 PM, "Antonio Dragone" wrote:


I have configured a mail server with Sendmail on my office and mails are sent

I'm using MailMan to send a newsletter to a test list of five people, one from
hotmail, one from gmail, one from yahoo and two from my ISP (including my

Presumably, Mailman is sending via the same Sendmail server.

The newsletter is sent fine to all of the recipients (I've checked sendmail
queue) but for some reason my ISP is discarding the message for their
addresses (hotmail, gmail and yahoo are working fine).

I suspect the problem is related to the headers sent by MailMan because when I
send the newsletter directly from my mail client trough my office server, it
is received without problems (the only difference between the one sent by
MailMan and the one sent by my mail client is the headers).

And the envelope.

They might not like
From: <your address with them> coming with the envelope sender.

I just want to emphasize this. When you send via your mail client, the
message is From: you and the envelope is most likely from you, but
when you post to your list and Mailman sends, the message is still
From: you (assuming you don't have an anonymous list), but the
envelope is from <listname>-bounces at list.domain.

Your ISP may well decide that a message purportedly from you at your.isp
sent by some other domain is forged.

Mark Sapiro <msapiro at value.net> The highway is for gamblers,
San Francisco Bay Area, California better use your sense - B. Dylan

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