Antonio Dragone wrote:
On 5/21/06, Mark Sapiro wrote:

There is no "setting" for this. You have to change the code in
Mailman/Handlers/SendMail.py, but if you do, it will break automated
bounce processing.
Thanks Mark!
I prefer to "break" automated bounce processing instead of letting my
subscribers without their "e-news" paper� ;)

In the other hand, I have read some recommendations about not to use
Sendmail.py and I imagine Mailman is not using it because I have not
changed the default configuration (am I wrong?)
My mistake. You are not using Sendmail.py (you have to do several,
non-default things to enable it and make it useable). I was typing too
quickly and carelessly. I meant Mailman/Handlers/SMTPDirect.py, not

However, I think you said that your problem, if it is caused by the
envelope sender, is limited to recipients in your own ISP's domain.
Perhaps you could 'fix' it in some other way. I think you first need
to determine, perhaps with the ISP, exactly why these messages aren't
being delivered. Since your Sendmail MTA reports no error, it somehow
is occurring within the ISP. If it is the fact that the From: is from
a user in the ISP's domain, and the envelope is not, it would seem to
say that no one could post to any Mailman (or perhaps other MLM) list
from that domain and have their post delivered back to anyone in that
domain. It doesn't seem that the ISP would really want that.

Mark Sapiro <msapiro at value.net> The highway is for gamblers,
San Francisco Bay Area, California better use your sense - B. Dylan

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