I just wanted to close this old topic with a thanks to Bryan Carbonnell
(and anyone else) who successfully diagnosed the issue of mail duplication
as mis-configured Outlook rules rather than a problem with mailman
processing CC, reply-to, etc..

Thanks to anyone who responded. I'll go flog myself once for every person
who's time has been wasted here. :)

Bryan Carbonnell wrote:
Just to recap the details as I recall them

1) You are the only one seeing the duplicate e-mails
2) You are using Outlook.
3) Duplicate e-mails are idendical down to the header level.
4) Only happens on 1 list.
5) Only happens when the list is in the CC header.

If all the above are correct, check your Outlook rules. Outlook may be
the cause of the duplicates.

I've spent a TON of time trying to diagnose this for one user and it
turned out it was her Outlook rules that caused the duplicate.

I don't use Outlook myself, but try disabling the rule for a while and
see if the duplicates still happen. If not, then recreate the rule.

I know this isn't Mailman related, but I think that this may be a good
cause for the archive.

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