On 5/8/06, Patrick Bogen wrote:
On 5/7/06, will trillich wrote:
any ideas?
Check your setting in DEFAULT_URL_PATTERN. See FAQ 4.29:

thanks for the pointer. turns out, ours is set exactly right. it's
perfectly fine.

even so, check out Mailman/MailList.py, inside InitVars (and mentioned in

self.web_page_url = (
mm_cfg.DEFAULT_URL or

since DEFAULT_URL_HOST didn't appear to be used in the final analysis,
we tried DEFAULT_URL instead (with the short-circuit approach, it
would override). alas, no luck.

all links from <site>/cgi-bin/mailman/admin/<list> are absolute links,
pointing to
another virtual host we've got on this server. there's GOT to be a way
to make them
relative -- we don't want to submit POST forms via insecure http (to
the wrong site)
from our secure https page!

e.g. site for mail is 'mail.myexample.not'. that's where the MX points for smtp,
and that's where webmail will be hosted for user pick-up (or imaps or pop3s).
to administer this puppy, we've got 'emailadmin.myexample.not' which has vexim
and mailman running on it. but ALL links on the admin pages -- including form
actions -- hop from 'https://emailadmin.myexample.not' to
it's maddening!

will trillich
"Their is five errers in this sentance."

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