Tony G wrote:
It seems I am getting duplicate messages from mailman v2.1.5 when senders send both TO and CC to the list. For some reason no one else in the list is acknowledging this issue so I look like an idiot complaining about it, but I'm seeing several instances of it per day.
Brad has already provided good information in his reply. I just want to
add that it looks to me like in this case, the sender's MUA is
actually giving the list address twice (once for To: and once for Cc:)
to the MTA, and the MTA is not dropping the duplicate recipient. Thus,
two copies of the post are actually being sent to the list. Do the
duplicates appear twice in archives and/or digests? (I think the
duplicate may be dropped from the archives if the message-id is the
same, but I'm not sure).

Other subscribers may not see this because their incoming MTA/MUA may
drop duplicate message-ids.

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