It seems I am getting duplicate messages from mailman v2.1.5 when senders send both TO and CC to the list. For some reason no one else in the list is acknowledging this issue so I look like an idiot complaining about it, but I'm seeing several instances of it per day.

I do not get dupes of all mails otherwise I'd suspect double subscription. The Avoid Duplicates flag is set. This only happens for mails that have the list in the CC - I understand the dupe flag is for when people use ReplyAll and the recipient is in both the list of subscribers and the CC for the mail. I believe the code is supposed to filter duplicate Message-IDs to a given recipient no matter how those dupes are generated, but I'm getting them. Any ideas?

Thank you kindly.

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postedApr 30, '06 at 8:28a
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