On 2/21/06 3:27 PM, "Matthew Thompson" wrote:

I have a mailing list with users subscribed from two particular domains,
call them nice.com and naughty.com. The security czars are naughty.com
have decided that inbound email with naughty.com in the From address
cannot possibly be legitimate so they silently drop the mail.

The result of this is when users from nice.com send email to the list,
everyone gets the message just fine. However, when someone from
naughty.com sends a message, only users at nice.com get the message.

One way around this is to make the list anonymous but that creates the
problem that we don't know who sent the message unless everyone always
remembers to mark the messages either in the subject line or at the end
of the message.
You know your institutional requirements and I don't. However, I don't
think I would do anything to accommodate naughty.com's users. Let them use
an address elsewhere for dealing with your mailing list.

--John the Churl

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